Enjoy the Mesmerising Beauty of Bali

The Bali is the leading island out of 17000 islands in Indonesia. The tropical climate here has created fabulous spots with amazing beauty that can get one lost in the beauty spread by the Mother Nature. A number of temples, spots filled with natural beauty and beautiful beaches has contributed much to make this one of the popular tourist destinations across the world due to which the place receives number of tourists round the year who love to see the natural beauty and be a part of it.

Ubud: Ubud is known for the rice fields arranged in a nice way on the foothill of mountain Ubud which possesses grand cultural heritage. It has awesome museum that has beautiful painitings that display the culture on canvass. The greenery of the area literally feels the heart with beauty. One can visit the nearby market and different galleries in and around area.


Tanah Lot: A beautiful Hindu temple situated on a single rock, Tanah Lot attracts lot of tourists here. Much famous as a tourist point and a place to worship, there are 7 temples of the same kind form a chain. One can visit all the temples by walk and enjoy the natural as well as man-made beauty of the area. The perfect time to be here is late afternoon till sunset. One can also have a few of the shopping spots also that sell the things that display the culture of this land.


Seminyak: A beautiful vacation spot free from heavy commercialization Seminyak is a leading island where the tourist love to be. It has five star properties that can add a great value to the tourist who stay here. The beautiful beach also helps the beach lovers. It is a perfect spot for the professional lovers who know how to deal with waves of giant size. It is always a favourite destination of all the packages of Bali tour.


Kuta Beach: The Kuta Beach is oneof the most prominent beach of Bali which is always flooded with surfers and various beach activists. The south end of the beach is full of people as there are also places to relax and enjoy the night life while the north end is a bit open for those who love to have a walk and be with self. This beach is always a favourite one among Bali Honeymoon packages.


Pura Luhur Uluwatu: It is an age old Hindu temple believed as created in 11th century and established on a rock. The tourists can visit the temple and see the architecture in all the areas of it except the innermost sanctuary. Here at sunset various dances are performed by the local artists to entertain the visitors.


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