10 Places That Demand To Be In Your Dubai Tour Package Itinerary

Dubai tour packagesDubai, the most spectacular destination for the families and couples, never ceases to pamper your senses with the splendid architectures and above par luxury. Whether or not you are an ardent traveler, Dubai will fill the top position in the list of your favorite destinations. You can select the tour packages from a renowned tourism company to add to the luxury of the tour. However, it is not mandatory to avail all the facilities from them. In fact, you can choose the Dubai package without a flight to avail the same as per your convenience and enjoy the services after stepping into the spectacular city.

10 Most Spectacular Destinations in Dubai

The city offers the perfect amalgamation of culture and architectural excellence, which reflects the conventional as well as modern appeal. You will be amazed to witness the intense culture and magnificent technology that has awed the entire world. You can opt for an all-inclusive Dubai holidays tour packages that will ensure you enjoy the tour without having to endure any hassle. Handover your plan to OkToBoard and pack your bags to the most exotic destination of the planet. Let us check the 10 destinations that will surely tickle your brain and enrich your collection of memories:

1. Burj Khalifa- This is the landmark building of the city, with 829.8 meters height piercing the sky in Downtown Dubai. In fact, it is the tallest building ever constructed by men and never refrains from offering a splendid visual treat of the entire city, desert, and sea.


2. Palm Jumeirah- It is the first-ever archipelago made by the humans, demonstrating the excellence of architecture and technology. The shape resembles a palm tree, hence the name. The island is jammed with shopping malls, luxurious beach resorts, 6-lane Highway Bridge, theme parks, and others. This is the prime attraction of the Dubai couple tour package apart from the other places.

Palm Jumeirah

3. Burj Al Arab- It is counted among the tallest hotels in the world and is rated as a 7-star property. It not only exhibits the splendid architecture but also the luxurious lighting arrangements that will definitely make your feet tapping with excitement. Make the skyscraper as the background of your photo shoot to cherish it after returning to your country.


4. Dubai Creek- It is a natural sea that passes through the heart of the city. Boat or abra allows you to enjoy the most soulful vision of the ports while mesmerizing you with the panoramic city that is filled with history and culture of Dubai. Capture the moments while traveling in the sea to enjoy it after the trip is over.


5. Dubai Mall- Your perception of a shopping mall will be transformed once you visit this place. This is the entrance to the Burj Khalifa as well as the Dubai Aquarium. Not only it houses several restaurants and food joints but also has an ice skating rink, gaming zone, a cinema complex, live music, and others.


6. Mall of the Emirates- It is the perfect combination of every kind of entertainment activity under a single roof. Food, Dubai ski, penguin enclosure, and others at -4 degree Celsius.


7. Dubai Aquarium/ the Underwater Zoo- You must be feeling amazed at the name. Dubai is the land of amazement that offers you with an underwater zoo, a boat ride that has a glass bottom, shark diving, and cage snorkeling. This place ensures to up your rush of adrenaline with exciting activities and out of the world experience of the marine life.

dubai aquarium

8. Al-Fahidi Fort- It is one of the finest museums in the city that reflects heritage in every block of the structure. Enjoy the experience that is different from the extravagant city and modern architecture.


9. Desert Safari- This destination demands the first position in the Dubai Honeymoon tour package. The thrilling dune bashing, Arabian cuisine, and dance by the bonfire illuminate the night in a sensuous way. Also, the camel ride will give you Goosebumps when you will see nothing but the sea of sand in front of you.

Desert Safari Dubai

10. Jumeirah Mosque- It is one of the most beautiful destinations in Dubai which is not only sumptuous but also jammed with intricate artwork. The evenings are illuminated with the light works that will definitely revamp your perception of a mosque.

Jumeirah Mosque

Integrate Your Trip with these Destinations

Your trip to Dubai can never be complete if miss any of the aforementioned destinations. Check the plethora of Dubai tour packages offered by OkToBoard to suit your budget and desire. They also customize the tour as per your feasibility and transform it into your finest experience. Also, they offer you the finest hospitality and connectivity that will never make you feel out of place. Weigh all the packages available with them before closing on a particular option and enjoy the tour of your lifetime.

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