All You Need To Know About Sky Mirror Tour in Malaysia

Sky Mirror Tour in MalaysiaSky Mirror is one of the trendiest tourist attractions in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia. Well, you must know that this attraction just happens 2 times a month amid the new moon and full moon period. This implies, if you make a plan for visiting Sky Mirror, you must check the moon timings prior to visiting the place.

Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor is located at Sasaran Beach which is off the coast of Jeram fishing village. Since being discovered, there have been many names for this place; some call it Salar de Uyuni of Malaysia, Salt Flat of Malaysia, or even Mirror in the Sky.

Presently, just local Malaysians are visiting the place to encounter this latest tourist attraction in Selangor, making the trip to Sky Mirror with a hope to attract neighboring nations for visiting the place.

At OkToBoard, we provide this trip to Sky Mirror which is much affordable for a travel enthusiast. We will offer you breakfast, lunch,and dinner alongside a comfortable stay at the hotel.

About Sky Mirror

The name Sky Mirror is provided for reflecting a mirror image of the sky on an island which appears amid the new moon and full moon periods every month. A sandbank appears making a shallow island with a few inches of sea water which happens from middle to late morning.

This effect forms a mirror image of the sky and every subject standing there and it has appealed many local people here for clicking some great snaps. This sandbank island’s size is massive but you must check with us on where it ends to avoid any unwanted incident.

What can be expected at Sky Mirror?

As anything latest will appeal to people, many people can be expected on school holidays and weekends amid the peak period. This implies, there will be numerous people around Sky Mirror, attempting for clicking pictures and so forth. In case you also want a clean snap without people in the background, you must find a spot away from others. Talk to our executive for finding out how far you are able to explore around Sky Mirror.

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