Before you take a road trip in New Zealand

Wanderlust never lets you stick to just one base and you feel like heading to new destinations every time. New Zealand is a beautiful country that you would like to try out on your next road trip. But before you plan ahead and shoot off to exotic locales of New Zealand here are few handy tips for you, Trippers.

The best of scenic spots are hidden down the known alleys and so you must get on that 4 wheelers to explore the marvel of New Zealand.

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Choosing the right car

Yes! This is mandatory for every road trip and should be planned in advance. While picking up a ride for your road trip pay attention to three things- seating capacity, leg room, and long-run efficiency.  Mostly a campervan is a preferred choice due to freedom of camping and convenience of halting it anywhere in the middle of the road.

Also, browse through the charges accrued on car rental from different places. Airport rental would obviously be expensive than an in-city location. They also offer relocation rentals at minimum charges as low as $1 so check that out. If you have taken New Zealand honeymoon package, do check with the agent about rentals and other formalities.

Pack up the essential gadgets

Road trips are fun unless your car does not break down in the mid of the journey and you are swept into an air of uncertainty. The most important gadgets that you might need are- GPS, Tool Kit, Mobile chargers, spare torch, and an unless you want to get lost in the mazes down the roads of New Zealand, it is always advised to get a road map with you to steer clear of any unforeseen troubles.

Do some research on local laws

Every country has a different land law in place and so does New Zealand. Get familiar with them. Especially traffic rules so that you do not violate any. For example, you are bound to let others pass if you are keeping your car at a slow pace.


You CANNOT freedom camp everywhere

Though is legalized to freedom camp in the middle of the road but still check if you are allowed to do same because not everywhere it is legalized. Check with the locals before camping and do not camp if you do not have a self-contained campervan. It might end up in a legal trouble for you.

Do not forget to take travel insurance

You are traveling through narrow lanes of New Zealand and mountain roads that are rough. It is always advised to take travel insurance in advance. After all, you would not want to spoil your road trip for some bucks!

Do not STOP just about anywhere to click pictures

New Zealand is astounding with its natural beauty but that does not mean you can halt anywhere to just click pictures. It could be deadly and dangerous. Unless there is some designated pull off area do not stop your car in between. If you are talking New Zealand honeymoon package from India you will be specifically told not to click pictures anywhere and everywhere.

Happy Journey!

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