8 Budget Friendly International Holiday Packages

If travel is on your mind then it is time to expand your horizons. It is time to try out international travel as it there are some places that you can visit in your budget. Check out this list of holiday destinations and you will feel like visiting them at once.

International Holidays


This beautiful country is a blend of Indian and Chinese culture. The famous Twin Towers will amuse you with their architecture. Also visit Karst formations in the national park in Sarawak. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Genting Highland is also worth spending time. Seychelles Tour Packages let you go there in the lowest prices.


This is the place known for its beauty. Cruise along the Chao Phraya River or visit the Temple of Golden Buddha; there is a lot more for you in the place. Take the help of Seychelles Tour Packages and plan your visit well. You should not regret missing out any beautiful place later.

Hong Kong

Whenever you hear this name, the picture of Disney Land surely comes to your mind. It is time to visit it now because Seychelles Tour Packages let you visit it by spending less money. Make the children of your home happy or let the child in you enjoy to the fullest. It is time to visit Hong Kong because there are some amazing markets for shopping and restaurants there


If you want to enjoy sitting along the sea then Bali is the place you should visit now. This place might have been in your travel list for a long time but with Seychelles Tour packages, it is easier to visit it now. Visit the beautiful beaches, rice fields and amazing forest areas. There are many beautiful temples here but do not forget to visit Tanah Lot temple here.


This place needs no introduction as it might be the dream holiday destination for many of you. It is time to stop thinking much about it and pack your bags. With Seychelles tour packages, you can visit Maldives even in limited savings. It has beautiful coastline that is perfect for sand bathing. You can even book a cruise for a few days to enjoy seeing the water. The blue lagoons and reefs are the centre of attraction here that will surely make you happy.


If you are a lover of beaches then you must visit Mauritius at least once in your lifetime. And when Seychelles tour packages are available for you, you can visit it now in lesser prices. Enjoy at the beach and stay at the best resorts because the place is not too expensive.


You will be in a different place yet you will feel like you are in India. That is the magic of this place and you will love visiting there. Visit the best places for shopping and do lots of shopping there.


It is the complete holiday destination. It has adventure sports, shopping areas, architecture and rich natural beauty. You should visit it now with the help of Seychelles tour packages and explore this beautiful place.

If you want to visit more than one place then there are amazing offers for you. Dubai with Mauritius Packages and Singapore with Bali Packages are the most popular ones here. It is time to visit a new country now.

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