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Located on Sheikh Zayed road Global village Dubai is the world’s largest entertainment and leisure center. It is a cultural, shopping destination and each year around 5 million visitors visit this place. The village is known to operate seven days a week. In a way it is a seasonal attraction and a shopping festival that is held in the cold winter months. There are close to 70 pavilions in terms of attraction and in the current season it is expected to draw in a crowd of 5 million as well. Some of the countries that took part in this cultural extravaganza are China, India, Turkey, etc. A point to be noted is that each pavilion is known to represent a specific country.


Global Village cost, booking is charged at 15 AED which is a single admission fee. Entrance is free for children who are less than 3 years of age. The family packages are priced at AED 99. This includes tickets for 4 family members and AED 75 for ticket rides for the entire family. There are plenty of car parking spaces available. The RTA also runs special bus services and metro services are also present.

Some of the special attractions of the global village are as follows:

Heritage village:

The Mohammad heritage center is responsible for the operation of this village. The visitors can walk through the village and view the presentations. It offers a grand vision that can help you to understand the impressive culture here.

3D Haunted house:

One of the most exotic destinations of the Global village, there are plenty of scares all around the corner. If you are fond of some scary stuffs, it is the perfect place for you to visit and experience the breathtaking moments.

In the global village there are plenty of cultural shows and concerts, that can help you enjoy the best time here. The artists and musicians from all over the world assemble at Global village for live performances in various languages. Dubai Global Village Bookingcovers all parts of the global village and therefore if you have made the booking, you need not worry about enjoying any concert or show. Each and every cultural point in the global village portrays the unique culture of that place. This is in the form of dance shows along with music on a day to day basis. It provides a perfect opportunity for the family and kids as the family is able to garner a unique experience all-round the season in the form of multiple visits. Shopping buffs are in for a delight with close to 3500 shopping stalls on display, thereby presenting a new mix of cultural and modern mix. In a nutshell, it is rightly called a paradise on earth.

Dubai Miracle garden:

Launched on valentine day in the year 2013, the Miracle garden in Dubai is located in the place of Dubai Land. Spread over an area of 72,000 hectares Dubai Miracle garden, making it the largest flower garden in the world. More than 45 million flowers are planted in this garden.

The concept of this garden was a mixed venture between Dubai properties and Dubai Land. Around 40 million AED was spending on the cost of the project. The first phase of the project was completed and opened to the public in the year 2013 and the second phase was completed in mid-October 2013. From the months of October to April this garden is operational and is closed for the rest of the season due to extreme temperatures in the desert. During this time of the year it is not conducive to any form of flower gazing. Through a drip irrigation method the waste water is recycled and used for the maintenance of the flowers. About 200,000 gallons are water required very day for the proper upkeep of the flowers. In recent times the Dubai Miracle garden has formulated the largest indoor butterfly center in the world. Close to 26 species and 15,000 varieties of butterflies are found here.


The place of Dubai is located in the Persian Gulf and happens to be one of the 7 emirates in the UAE. People are of the notion that since it is situated in the midst of a desert, the place has very limited attractions to offer. When the concept of desert strikes your mind, the obvious fact is that only the toughest plants will be able to survive. Since they reserve very negligent amount of rainfall, their maintenance is a challenge and this coupled with the fact that the earth absorbs the least amount of water in the desert and most of them accumulates in pools. But when you undertake Miracle Garden booking a major surprise is in store for you. A wide variety of flowers are arranged in different shapes that can simply mesmerize you while you visit this beautiful garden. Floral patterns tend to change every year, and with each passing year a new breath taking experience is provided for which the garden is much famous among the tourists. For this precise reason, the garden attracts close to a million visitors each year and the number is on the rise with the years passing. Most of the blooms of the flowers are modeled into various shapes like hearts, pyramids or stars.

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So get set and pay a visit to the two most unique attractions in Dubai!

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