Dubai – Is it the Fastest Emerging Tourist Destination in the World

Grandeur, charisma, fun, fashion, sands and delicious food. From some real fun to the most exotic parts of this city, you can just not miss on anything Dubai has to offer. Located at the southern coast of the Persian Gulf this city is the business hub of the Middle East. With some of the most exclusive things to do in your Dubai vacation, this city has much to offer and is one of the fastest emerging tourist destinations in the world. Some of the attractions that Dubai has, are enlisted here for you.

1. The Desert Safari

The vast sands and a trip into the den of the dessert, you have not seen Dubai if you didn’t see the best part of the city. The Desert Safari provides a rush to your adrenaline with such rollercoaster ride across the serene red sand dunes. The splendid sunset here lets you marvel at the beauty of this endless dessert. An out of the ordinary experience with the ancient Bedouin warmth, the camp offers you the traditional food and aromatic shisha. The Dubai Tour Packages include camel rides and belly dancing on the Arabic music that keeps you entertained in the middle of this enduring desert.

Desert Safari Dubai

2. Dubai Sand Boarding / Seaplane Flight / Hot Air Balloon

With much to do in this wonderful city you also need to make sure your Dubai Holiday Packages must include some of the adventurous activities that allow you to explore some fun. The Dubai sand boarding is one of the most popular sport that allows you to slip and slide down the sandy slopes of this beautiful city. The seaplane flight gives you an exhilarating water take off and gives you a 40 minute ariel tour of the city. The hot air balloon is a thrilling experience of the desert view from up above.

Boarding dubai

3. Dubai Mall & Dubai Festival

For all who love to shop, Dubai is the city for you. The most fashionable and elegant clothes with almost all the brand labels, Dubai is glittering with fashion. And not just the Dubai mall which is a temple for the shopoholics, Dubai has many other malls and areas where you can go mad over shopping. The incredible Dubai Gold Souk at the Al Sabkha Road, Deira is an amazing place to shop ornaments and gold.


4. Dhow Cruise

To spend your most romantic evenings in Dubai, Dhow Cruise is one experience you would not want to miss. The exotic music and the Tanura dance with the tasty BBQ buffet dinner & drinks will leave you mesmerized.

dhow cruise

5. Delectable Dubai Food

Dubai has some most delicious Arabic food to offer. For the food lovers the good news is that Dubai not just gives Arabic and Mughlai food but also has a variety of Gulf and Middle Eastern Cuisines which includes Iranian and Lebanese delicacies as well.

Dubai food

So, you better don’t think twice and get your Dubai visa immediately. Because this eccentric city is all and the best place, for those who love to travel and experience the grandest.

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