Egypt: Visit the mix of modern and ancient culture

Egypt is known as a country with amysterious civilization which was much advanced from the present era also. There are numerous tourist spots that one can explore during the visit of this beautiful country. The pyramids and mummies are no doubt identity of this land with ancient civilization but now a days there are many more spots that one can explore and enjoy during the visit to Egypt. To explore this land one can check the Egypt holiday packages from India.


There are excellent locations here which one can explore with Honeymoon package for Egypt. Dahab and Taba are two leading destinations for newly wedded where you can enjoy some beautiful moments with your loved one. The city of MarsaAlam, as well as Hurghada, are the attractions for those who love aqua sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, and just beach partying. There are beautiful beaches here that can offer you great peace of mind while enjoying the beauty of the sea under the open sky and just relax. There are also historical places and natural parks if you are a fan of history and want to explore the wildlife here.


So far as those who love history are concerned, you can visit pyramids here at Cairo with atall statue of thesphinx. You can also visit the city of Luxor where there are a number of ancient temples and tombs displaying the ancient civilization and their crafts. Alexandria, a city known among book lovers also has alot to offer to the tourists visiting it. The Sharm El-Shaikh is also a beautiful tourist spot that is known for the coral reef. Hence, overall if we see there are lots of places in Egypt that one can enjoy during the visit to this beautiful country. If you are thinking to visit this country from India, there are many packages of Egypt tour from Mumbai available that can help you get your requirement satisfied.


It has almost everything for every kind of visitors. One needs to check his interest, and all the expectations to visit beautiful spots of this country can be fulfilled. The country has beautiful connectivity with different parts of the world by flights and hence it is not at all difficult to check this land of ancient civilization in any way.

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