Enjoy your holiday at Mauritius

Mauritius is a place which is blessed with a lot of tourist attractions. It is a charming and attractive place and almost a paradise for the tour lovers. It is really a tough time if you are going a few days tour to Mauritius because there are a lot of places which will make you fall in love with it. After having a glance of the places you have at Mauritius, it is sure that you will love to extend the stay here for a few more days. A number of places that are known for white sand beaches and cobalt blue seas which will not allow you come out of water, being on the beautiful beaches Mauritius is one such leading tourist destination. The island is having historic attractions and it shows diversity in culture. The major asset about the place is the charm of the people over there who welcomes the tourists with a relaxed mind. If you have planned to Mauritius holidays, then this list of must-visit places will be helpful.

Have a fleeting look at the places to visit:

Port Louis: It is considered as the most industrialized place in the island. In this place you get a lot of things to do on shopping. If you want to know how the culture of these people looks like, then you can visit this place. You can closely watch the culture here and can also buy a few of items with local craftsmanship.


The Hindu temple and sacred Lake: The temple and the lake are situated on South of Mauritius and esteemed for architectural monuments and grand look. The multi-color temple will welcome you with holiness. The color which the temple is painted is so vibrant that you will feel like staying there for some time and feel great peace of mind.


Chamarel Waterfalls: Waterfalls in Mauritius are untouched. This 83 ft waterfall is formed on the river St. Dennis and is free from pollution and human dirt. They are protected and maintained in a good manner that we shall be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfalls. Mauritius holidays are not complete without drenching in the seas!


Le Morne Mountain: Mountains and valleys in Mauritius are present in a perfectly curved form. Le MorneMountain is the most famous destination among the adventure lovers. Make sure you visit these stunning and elegant valleys also. Champ de Mars is known as a tourist attraction. It is one of the identities of Mauritius. Mahebourg is a fishing area where you can enjoy a great fishing experience. When you plan to have a Mauritius tour package make sure that these places are present in it.


If you are looking for a place where excellent touring packages are provided then you can go to oktoboard.com. The island is well known for its climate and that may be the reason why newly married couples dream to have their honeymoon at Mauritius. Mauritius honeymoon packages comprises of the resorts and luxury hotels where you can pile up memories with your partner.

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