How to plan your dream holiday tour to Bali

The typical small density of Bali doesn’t make for equivalence. One of the most sought-after Indonesian Island is amazingly adorned with green rice terraces with sultry beaches and volcanoes. It induces the thoughts of a heaven and is widely considered by its visitors more than a desire, a stifling state of mind. So now when you are all arrested for the magical beauty of Bali, it’s time to plan your Singapore Bali Packages which delivers you the mammoth of undying experiences.

Plan your dream holiday tour to Bali

Keep an eye on fair sale

Bali, especially for the honeymooners is a dream destination and due to its beguiling beauty, it’s getting busier day by day however its beauty never fades away. So before you plan your trip to Bali, make sure that you keep checking/or wait for the airfare sale, sign up for sale fare notifications or directly through the airline or by stumbling upon the comparison site.

Plan your itinerary

Once you booked your flight tickets by ensuring the travel dates, now it’s a time to plan your destinations. As Bali is boasts up to a range of allures to the tourists from all walks of life, you must explore some must-see destinations which are overhyped. Sort them out. If you have confusion, here a few places you can consider.

  • Seminyak

Seminyak is a multitude of rambling beach resorts, high-class hotels, cool little boutique sports and other sorts of various homestays. You can find out a lot of place to get social, to have dinner, party resting ant the tranquil beaches and mingle with other travelers. Some lovable places you can consider visiting, Ku De Ta, Cocoon and Potato Head. It provides a wonderful blend of luxury, fun, relaxation, and excitement.

  • Ubud

Are you indeed in love with the jungle escape? If so then there is a perfect destination for having lush green rainforest and earthy ambiance at Ubud. Here you can find myriad of organic healthy and natural food options ideal for the vegans and vegetarians. If you are a non-vegetarian, there is a lot more to persuade your taste buds.

  • Nusa Dua

 If you are dreaming to spend your holiday chilling out at an implausible beachfront resort, Nusa Dua is a right spot for you. There are far more hustle-bustle sports such as Seminyak and Kuta. If you head on from Nusa Dua, never forget to explore the local area which has to offer more street stalls. Make sure that a resort offers an authentic taste of Bali with restaurants, accommodations, spa offerings and more.

  • The Gili Islands

 If you can spare out some more time, spare your time on Gili Islands. There are total three islands where each one is unique in its own kind- Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. There are plentiful cares, bars, and restaurants to enjoy along with the best suited romantic escapes for couples. You can also have pleasure with the restaurants and diving schools, hippy vibes, acoustic music and chilled-out bars.


There is a gamut of accommodation options in Bali so it’s very essential to consider which type of them is suitable for you. Before booking your space, consider the number of people you are traveling with and what type of holiday you are at whether it is the luxury, mid-range of a budget. If you are seeking for a place to totally unwind and de-stress go for the resorts.

Visa Requirements

For Bali, you will require a Visa (of course) so before you plan out your trip to confirm the visa first before doing any planning as you never know when things change. You require a visa on arrival and essential to have a certain amount of money in US Dollars or Indonesian Rupiah.

Plan your activities in Advance

Though some plans will be changed after reaching there you are suggested to plan out all your activities in advance so that, after deboarding at Bali, you have the vision to chase.

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