Let’s Explore Everything about Laguna Waterpark in Dubai!

Laguna Waterpark in Dubai

If anybody thinks of going to a waterpark with his friends or family, the Jumeirah area never comes to mind. This will not be the case any longer because La Mer has opened a waterpark on 12th May 2018. Known as Laguna Waterpark, there are some excellent activities and rides at this latest tourist attraction. This park includes lazy lounging, zones for surfing, dining spot, kids’ slides and zones, etc.

Discussing the prime attractions of Laguna Waterpark in Dubai

1. Free Fall
A waterpark with no heart-dropping ride will not be really exciting, right? So, Laguna visitors with an enthusiasm for a thrill can try this Free Fall, a slide which can make you question your balance because you will experience a free fall into the splash lane far below.

2. 180-degree Surf Park
This brand-new waterpark is the only spot in the Middle East where you will see a complete, 180-degree wave machine. Its WaveOZ 180 FlowRider is being dubbed the utmost surf machine by the developers. So, it’s definitely a prime attraction in the Laguna Waterpark. You can master the waves either bodyboarding or surfing, on what is simply the 3rd wave machine of its type in the globe.

3. Splash Pad and Aqua Play
Splash Pad and Aqua Play are targeted at the young visitors in the park, with rides arranged for the toddlers also.

4. Lazy Lounging
For people who don’t want to take part in any activity or take a break, cabanas are their place. Shaded and cozy, these provide a better view overlooking the ocean. Try the Lazy River ride for simply floating along on your tube, for lazy lounging on the water. There is also a lounge area and an infinity pool.

5. Manta
Manta is a great attraction that displays every element of an amazing water slide. It has slide twists and turns with an ultimate shortfall into the pool.

6. Onsite bar and restaurant
You can rejuvenate yourself by dining at the park’s bar cum restaurant. With amazing views out over the extending Arabian Gulf, the very own restaurant and rooftop terrace bar of the waterpark are another additions to the amazing hangouts and eateries at La Mer.

So, this is everything that you can explore in the Laguna waterpark in Dubai. Are you excited to visit the place? Let us know in the comment section below.

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