Malaysia in a Breathing Taking Panorama

Malaysia is an epitome of two major experiences, the Borneo and the peninsula (that is a combination of Indian, Chinese and Malay flavors) with an efficient capital in the form of Kuala Lumpur. The Borneo is a storehouse of some of the interesting places in the country like jungles,resorts and colonial towns. When you opt for Malaysia tour packages see to it that there is a proper mixture of both. The country attracts tourists from all over the world, with India as one of the top destinations in terms of generating tourist revenue for the country. The major Malaysia tourist attraction is as follows:

Taman Negara:

Referred to as the national park in Malay, it happens to be one of the oldest tropical rain forests in the world. Some of the endangered species of the world like elephants, rhinos and leopards are found here. But a point to be noted is that their numbers are low and sightseeing them on a constant basis is rare.


Cameron highlands:

It is one of the popular hill stations in Malaysia. It was developed by the British and the rough population is around 34,000 people that comprise mainly Indians, Chinese along with other ethnic groups. This place is also famous for its tea plantations and you can book for a tour round the place.


Pulao Tioman:

Situated on the east coast of the peninsular part of Malaysia, as per the estimates of the Time magazine it is one of the most beautiful islands of the world. Ever since then, tourists have thronged to the place to catch a glimpse of the paradise on earth. The tourists outnumber the villagers that is during the months between November to February, but during other times, the place presents a scanty look.


The Petronas towers:

The twin towers were the tallest buildings in the world, before they were surpassed by Taipei in the year 2004. It is an 88 floor structure and a replica of the major religion of the country Islam.


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