7 Exciting Places To Experience The Best Of Diwali 2017

Diwali is indeed a wonderful festival; the festival of light is celebrated with full gusto when dazzling fireworks light up the whole sky. Usually, you celebrate it at your home along with family get together, good homely food and social hookups but what if I say that, you can do even better?

Yes, there is a lot to do on Diwali, and it’s not just celebrated in India but other countries too. There are various places where you can have best of Diwali experiences. So why not plan out a vacation on this pious festival. Here are some best places to visit on Diwali.



Loi Krathong, this is what Diwali is called in Thailand which means ‘to float a basket’. Here on this special occasion, bright fireworks displace all over the country especially on the beaches and outlying islands. Locals lit lams with various air balloons made of rice paper and then released on the sky. People also light lamps made of banana leaves and then float them on the ponds and lakes.


Srilanka celebrates all five days of Diwali with immense splendor. Here on this day people light oil lamps and decorate their houses with flower garlands and electronic lights too as it signifies the victory of light over the darkness. So many rituals are followed, like rituals of oil bath, exchange of gifts, sweets between the loved ones and fireworks during the night.


Though Indonesians are mainly Muslims but you can see the magical flavors of Diwali celebrated with a great trumpet blast. There is Bali in Indonesia which has a huge Diaspora of Indians and this is the reason Diwali is celebrated here in a colorful manner. You will see the displays of all night firework parties on the most famous beaches of Indonesia with great shopping options of clothes and sweets.


Through Ok to board Dubai tour packages you can experience the best of Diwali with your loved ones by visiting Dubai’s restaurants and shopping malls which look to be even colorful and brighten up on the day of Diwali. Visit Chor bazaar restaurant & enjoy a delicious Diwali buffet menu, live Diwali entertainment, laser beam shows, Bollywood music, henna, Rangoli artwork and much more.


It’s not just in India but in Mauritius too, Diwali is observed as the public holiday as 50% of the island’s population is Hindu so you will be having very homely feeling. You will find locals lighting earthen lamps, drawing colorful rangolis, setting off fireworks and more. Enjoy good food and drinks throughout the night.


With your Singapore tour packages this Diwali, you will have some great experiences as there are market stalls, garlanded with vibrant colorful flowers. You can see earthen lamps everywhere. Also there are beautifully colored rangolis in front of each shop and store where you will feel the wonderful aroma of incense foods. Visit Clarke Quay, Gardens by the Bay, and Sentosa Island for best Diwali experiences.


Australia inhabits a large number of Indian population especially in the cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Here Diwali is celebrating with immense zeal and gusto. At the time of Diwali, you will see a grand display of art and culture shows, colorful rangolis, fireworks, dance performances and Indian music shows.

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