Romance in a Royal Manner

The royal touch of Rajasthan and the Rajputana charm, is what makes Rajasthan the best place for your Honeymoon in India. You can opt for the best choices of Rajasthan Honeymoon packages, and spend your honeymoon in Royal style. This state is known for its history and a lot of heritage hotels. There is hardly any town or city where one cannot find a story of battle and sacrifice of lives by the braves. In the modern days now the state has changed its direction and headed towards the leading position in tourism as the forts and palaces here can be the best place for visit by a lot of tourists from country as well as foreign.

Jodhpur: Among the Honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is the best choice. It offers an amazing experience for the love birds amidst the glittering golden sands. There are several tourist attractions in this place, you can experience the desert safari, adore the camel rides of the decorated camels. Your photo shoot will come out really well amidst the rustic villages and beautiful heritage monuments. You can admire the sandy ridges or go for shopping in the local markets for ornaments. It is the perfect place for the newlyweds to enjoy. The beauty of the land can add a different charm to the personal affection and hence make a great moment that can be remember for a life time. The night with folk dancers and sips of drink can really make the time completely fun filled which is really a wish of all the couples.


Udaipur: Udaipur is another most frequented honeymoon destination among the tourists. The place includes amazing five star luxuries with a grand royal exterior. You can visit the royal historical palaces made of white marble, it offers the most romantic environment for the couples. You can simply admire the palaces or go for a romantic boat ride, every inch of the city is romantic and intimidating.


Jaisalmar: The Golden City. It is known as one of the emerging honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan. The city of Jaisalmar has the atmosphere of love and passion. There are several monuments here, in which the names of lovers are engraved on the walls and flat surfaces. The city offers forts, lakes, and palaces for the honeymooners to visit. The desert safari at night with jeep can really amaze the visitors here.


Pushkar: the land of Gods and Goddesses, is surrounded by several temples. The land is a perfect place for the blending of love. The place includes the display of fairs and festivals and beautiful historical monuments to visit. Jaipur- The pink city, is the heart of Rajasthan. Couples usually visit this place for their honeymoon. The place is a perfect combination of desert life, and the life in the city. It includes magnificent architectures like grand Havelis. Moreover, the Havelis have many hidden stories to be uncovered by the caretakers of the place. The sunrise and sunset, spreading its rays over the pink city, will make your honeymoon even more romantic.


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