Singapore: A Dream Destination of International Tourist

The Singapore is a leading nation so far as economy is concerned. However, one must not forget the culture and their interest to maintain their cultural heritage and hence this small country has also a lot of tourist spots that can be much helpful to the international visitors. Majority of the visitors prefer to have Singapore packages under which all such important destinations are covered. Here are some of the important destinations that one must cover despite the shortage of time otherwise the visit to this beautiful land is seems incomplete.

Marina Bay: It is one of the most spectacular destination across Singapore. While being on Singapore tour as it is just a symbol of the area and there are a lot of things around to be at. These spots include the Science Museum, beautiful shopping centres, Casinos, and clubs. In the night around 8 one can witness the beautiful light show organised at Marina Bay.


Clarke Quays: For those who love partying and like to go for dine and dance it is a perfect place. On the riverside there are plenty of options where one can dine and enjoy the beautiful view of the water that add great glory to the experience. For the liquor lovers there are number of bars to enjoy the drink at the bank. In any Singapore tour, it holds a great significance to be in the list.


Chinatown: It is a leading destination and a symbol of Chinese colony here. There are end number of items one can have awesome food from hawkers as well as stores located here. One can check the Pagoda, Oldest Buddha temple and Maxwell road food centre which attract many tourists during the Singapore holidays. There is also heritage centre from where one can check the history of the area.


Singapore Flyer: An observation wheel with huge size that can make one have grand view of the city from the top. The wheel has diameter of 150 metres and settled at height of 165 metre. It obviously gives a beautiful ride experience to the riders as well as an experience to view the leading destinations of the city also. It is worth to note that this wheel is also bigger than the London Eye.


The Merlion: Without the visit to this identical destination of Singapore the visit is totally worthless. A beautiful statue of 70 tonnes spouting water is not just a destination to visit but also a place where one can hardly resist to have a picture. Hence it is also known as the most known focal point of the city. In fact the statue is so popular that if one just have a glimpse of the statue one can understand that the matter is about Singapore.


To visit Singapore one must have a perfect plan and only an expert can help you at this stage. The is not just having expertise but also possesses grand experience about foreign tour plans and hence before going for a deal it is worth to consult them once.

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