Top 7 Places to Visit in a Singapore-Bali Tour

The world is a charismatic place that never stops to add a zest of excitement in your life. Humans are also not leaving any stone unturned to make the panoramic sceneries more luxurious and gracious. The architecture of the buildings not only shouts the theme of the construction but also ensures to take your breath away with its simple yet well-thought designs. If you are thinking which place will offer you the amalgamation of the aforementioned attributes, you may consider visiting the charismatic Singapore, which is filled with futuristic marvels and cloud splitting buildings. The Singapore-Bali tour package opted from us, at OkToBoard, will prove to be the best tour that will never fall short of the luxurious amenities and over the board hospitality.

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Best Places to Visit in Singapore and Bali

Getaways are the most crucial activities that give you the fuel to survive through the tough times of your life. On one hand, selecting a perfect destination is very important that will drain away all the stress. On the other, it is important to opt for a wallet comforting option. In fact, the merger of the two vital factors results in an outcome that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the tour to the fullest. We, at OkToBoard, offer you an ideal opportunity to explore the exotic places in the best way through the various options of Singapore-Bali tour packages.

Let us have a look at the best places to visit in Singapore and Bali:

1. Orchard Roads-

If you are a shopping enthusiast and seek the most alluring destination for shopping, you may stop by this spot during your visit to Singapore. This place is jammed with the latest fashion items and brands. Apart from the local stores, there are 22 shopping malls in the area along with 6 departmental stores. Whether you are searching for Prada or Gucci, Orchard Roads will never disappoint you.

Orchard Roads

2. Pulau Ubin-

A small island located in the northeast of Singapore will definitely offer you with a serene feeling. It is the storehouse of greenery and wildlife that offers an ideal ambiance for your passion for photography. It is among the two Kampongs left.
Pulau Ubin

3. Pura Besakih-

This is the highest mountain in Bali and is the most crucial Kahyangan jagat, the nine divine temples, built on the island to save it from the evil powers. The believers have a faith that the dragon lord resides in the depth of the mountains, which is also the name of the area.

Pura Besakih

4. Sentosa Island-

There are numerous places to visit in Singapore, which makes the designing of the itinerary difficult. However, if you want to experience a place that is the perfect conjugation of fun, food, and entertainment, Sentosa Island is the place to be. It is located in the middle of skyscrapers and also offers you a perfect beach time at Siloso Beach. Make a point to include this in your bucket list.

Sentosa Island

5. S.E.A Aquarium-

Sentosa Island is also bestowed with a mesmerizing SEA aquarium that is the house of numerous marine species. This is one of the prime attractions of the place that allows you to indulge in the aquatic life. Also, you get a scope to make friends with dolphins along with diving in the Shark Seas Habitat. Get closer to the aquatic predators and make the tour worth your lifetime.

6. Seminyak-

It is located on the coast of Bali that is surrounded by the expansive growth of Kuta. It is one of the exclusive holiday destinations of Bali that is jammed with lavish restaurants and hotels. Also, you can breathe in the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean while watching the surfers winning through the repetitive waves.


7. Singapore Zoo-

If you are thinking that it is just another zoo, you are under a wrong notion. Enjoy the view of some of the mesmerizing endangered species along with the 300 other species. In fact, the zoo is segregated in different habitats to make the animals feel comfortable. There are shows to enjoy while visiting the zoo, enriching your experience to the fullest.

Singapore Zoo

Getting the Most from the Singapore-Bali Holiday Packages from OkToBoard

Irrespective of whether or not you are a beach lover, Singapore and Bali offer you with endless reasons to fall in love with the blue ocean. We ensure to enhance your experience of visiting Singapore and Bali along with our seamless service and phenomenal hospitality. We customize your itinerary after understanding your needs and offer you with a tour without the hassle of the paperwork and legal formalities. Besides, we accommodate your stay at the finest hotels in exchange for an affordable price. Rather than taking the pain to create your itinerary, allow us to transform your getaway experience to the most exciting one with the best destinations and cooperative service.

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